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Meet ULI Dog Training

"Dogs change our lives" is a big understatement! I met my old dog Ulisse (Uli, pictured top of the page) in Rome. He taught me all I know. Our first experience with training was unfortunate and so I set out to look for more  existing points of views regarding the ways to train dogs. I started with a book, then two, then a course, then two... Then suddenly I lost count! I then started assisting @friendly_creatures and followed in their training classes and behaviour consultations. I now work for them as well as for my company: I have wonderful, inspiring colleagues and we offer classes in the London area.  I moved to Hertfordshire and so i am offering classes over here too. Uli is my source of inspiration and my best teacher, and so are my mentors and my clients. Last, but unequivocally not least: so are their dogs. 

Our Upcoming Courses

We run regular classes around the London area (Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park , Victoria Park, Lea Valley's nature reserve) as well as starting up in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.


Classes run on:

Sunday mornings in London 10am-11am and 11am-12pm.

Sunday afternoons in St. Albans - 6 weeks course from 3pm to 4pm. 

Tuesday afternoons in London - 6 weeks course for Puppies 2pm to 3pm and Foundation course for dogs who never had training from 3pm to 4pm.

Please register your interest at 

ULI Dog Training is a proud member of:


Yours truly, Uli.


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We love caring for pets! 

Puppies, Intermediate and Agility classes are tailored around each dog's needs. 

We offer One to Ones for dogs that may need some further help to cope with their surroundings.

We offer special training to help your Senior puppies to have a more comfortable life.

Last but not least: Sign up to our newsletter to find out about our one-off sessions on specific training needs: Loose Leash Walking, Canine Body Language, Clicker Training Skills, Coping with Triggers.....

ULI Dog Training

St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom

We adopt modern, science-based methods that are ethical and stress/fear-free for the dogs. For further informations please check the IAABC statement on humane training: Martina 07919652089

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This month we feature @Kikopup - Dog Training by Emily Larlham. Emily is famous worldwide for her Fear-Free  and Force-Free training methods.  She is magic. Go check her Instagram account for the best in evidence-based dog training skills!